November Note from John Hutchinson

November 2018 Note from John Hutchinson

As the leaves start to fall, the 2018 golf season is coming to an end. We were able to seed around all the green banks and with the additional sprinklers the banks have grown in nicely. Please try to vary your cart traffic during the fall season. The Turf grass doesn’t handle traffic as well once the grass starts to slow growth from shorter days and colder temperatures. Once we start getting frost the plants' ability to recuperate is greatly affected. When leaving and returning to paths varying traffic patterns helps immensely.

Poa annua is a winter annual that germinates in fall thru winter. To help avoid the ever increasing population of this species, it is important to repair ball marks. Every void left will become infested by Poa. This plant produces thousands of seed every spring that sits in the soil waiting to germinate.

As time allows we plan on rebuilding tees, starting in November. Finally we will be solid tine aeryifying the greens one last time November 6th & 7th. 9 holes will be available for play each day. The greens will also be topdressed at this time to help protect the plant as it goes into dormancy.

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